EMSI has officially closed its doors. In need of Medical Record Retrieval and more?

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EMSI Has Closed Their Doors, But Datafied Can Help!


EMSI Has Closed Their Doors, But Datafied Can Help!

July 8, 2020

After years in the business, EMSI has announced that they are closing their doors. Due to severely depressed service volumes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, this top provider of Medical Record Retrieval, Legal and Life Insurance services is closing for good. This leaves many APS businesses at risk, with orders frozen in place. Are you […]

What is the Datafied Vault?

June 26, 2020

Are you looking for an online storage or backup system? If so, you should consider using the Datafied Vault! What is the Datafied Vault? The Datafied Vault is a completely secure online storage and backup system that can be utilized to store everything from medical records to confidential business documents. At Datafied, we understand how […]

Benefits of Having Practice Management Software for Your Medical Office

June 18, 2020

Practice management software is essential for medical practices in today’s world. If you are operating a medical practice, there are many reasons why having practice management software is a good idea. What are the benefits of using practice management software? There are many benefits to using practice management software at your medical facility. One of […]

Practice Management Software That You Can Rely On

June 10, 2020

Do you need practice management software for your medical facility? Keep reading to learn more! What is practice management software? Practice management software is designed to help medical facilities run more efficiently. They are used by small and medium-sized offices to manage daily operations like administrative functions, financial aspects, and scheduling. These systems can also […]

Are You Looking to Retire and Close Your Medical Practice? Datafied Can Help!

June 4, 2020

If you are planning on closing your medical practice there is a lot on your plate. Thankfully, Datafied can help when it comes to medical record and document management. Keep reading to learn more about our document management services for retiring physicians that we offer through My Retired Doctor. Reliable Medical Record Scanning & Record […]

Need Copies of Your Medical Records? Datafied Can Help!

May 28, 2020

You likely have heard people talk about medical records, but do you know much about them? These documents aren’t thought of by individuals often, but they are actually very important! What are medical records? Medical records are a complete record of a patient’s medical history and clinical data. They include demographics, vital signs, medications, diagnoses, […]

Document Management and Retrieval Services for Life Insurance Providers

May 22, 2020

Are you a life insurance provider looking for a bit of assistance with your document management? If so, turn to Datafied for our litany of document retrieval and management services. What Services Does Datafied Offer to Life Insurance Providers? So, how can Datafied help life insurance providers? We offer the following document retrieval and management […]

Datafied Offers Quality Document Retrieval and Management Services to Health Insurance Providers

May 16, 2020

Are you a health insurance provider that is looking for a way to improve efficiency and the bottom line? The good news is that Datafied is always here to help! Who is Datafied? Datafied is a leading providing of document retrieval and management services. Since , we have been helping our clients maximize their potential […]

Datafied Offers Quality Document Management Services to Physicians

May 8, 2020

Physicians have a lot to worry about. Not only do they work tirelessly to keep their patients safe and healthy, but they also have to deal with administrative red tape and worry about managerial tasks like medical record requests and document management. Thankfully, Datafied can help with the latte, so physicians can worry about what […]

Need a Copy of Your Birth Certificate? Datafied Can Help!

April 28, 2020

Your birth certificate is an official document that records your birth and the details surrounding it. You might not think twice about the document, but it is actually an extremely important document that you could be required to produce in many situations. Why would I need a copy of my birth certificate? There are many […]

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