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Datafied is Thankful for Our Amazing Customers


Datafied is Thankful for Our Amazing Customers

November 23, 2020

It is almost the end of November and that means one thing, Thanksgiving is upon us! What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Is it a time to relax on the couch watching football with friends or family? Is it a time to enjoy a scrumptious meal with your loved ones? Is it a time to […]

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Datafied Affiliate?

November 18, 2020

Did you know that Datafied offers the ability to join our community as an affiliate? If you are wondering why you might want to become a Datafied affiliate you are in luck. Keep reading to learn more about the different reasons why you might benefit from becoming a Datafied affiliate! What is Datafied? Datafied is […]

Why Would I Need Access to My Dental Records?

November 13, 2020

If you are wondering why you might need copies of your dental records, Datafied is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the different reasons why you might need copies of your dental records and how Datafied can help. What information is in a dental record? Like a medical record, dental records contain […]

Can I Get My Medical Records If My Doctor Moves?

November 5, 2020

If you are wondering what happens with your medical records when your doctor moves or retires, Datafied is here to help! Keep reading to learn more about medical records and how we can help you locate them. What are medical records? Medical records are essentially a compilation of your health history. These records contain information […]

Don’t Be Scared of Medical Record Retrieval!

October 30, 2020

Halloween is almost here and that means that spooky season is underway! While there are many frightening things about Halloween—including haunted houses, scary movie marathons, and ghostly decorations—perhaps one of the most frightening things for some is trying to obtain copies of their medical records. Thankfully, Datafied is here to help with that! Wondering how […]

What Are the Different Types of Release of Information?

October 21, 2020

If you operate a medical facility you are required to provide patients access to their medical records. However, release of information (ROI) can be difficult to manage, especially if you’re trying to focus on providing excellent patient care. Thankfully, Datafied is here to help! Wondering what types of ROI Datafied is able to provide? Keep […]

What is a Death Certificate and Why Might I Need One?

October 16, 2020

It might be a bit morbid to think about, but how aware are you of death certificates and their importance? There is a chance you might never need to worry about a death certificate in your life, but for others, death certificates might become crucial documents. Wondering why you might need a death certificate in […]

Affordable Document Management Services for Attorneys

October 7, 2020

If you are an attorney you know the importance of medical records in legal cases. These records are essential for injury cases and lawsuits. However, you likely also know how difficult these records can be to obtain and handle. Thankfully, Datafied is here to help! Wondering how Datafied can help make your legal practice run […]

Do I Need to Participate in HEDIS Data Collection?

September 30, 2020

As you know, HEDIS is a set of quality measures that are used to assess the performance in various dimensions of patient care and quality of service. It is managed by a non-profit, private organization called the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Why does HEDIS matter? HEDIS is actually very important, even if the […]

Do You Need a Secure Online Storage and Backup System for Your Records?

September 22, 2020

Are you looking for a secure online storage and backup system for your records? If so, you need The Datafied Vault. Who is Datafied? Datafied is an industry leader in document management and record retrieval. In , we started as a company that specialized in medical record retrieval. Since then, we have grown into a […]

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