Are You Ready to Make Your Medical Practice Greener?


Are You Ready to Make Your Medical Practice Greener?

May 23, 2017

The world is placing an increasing focus on lessening our environmental impact, especially in business. Are you looking for a way to take your medical practice into a greener space? If so, it’s time to think about going digital with your patient management system and files. You’ll be happy to know that an electronic database […]

Are You Looking for Help Managing Your Documents?

May 17, 2017

Running a facility, no matter the type, can be a very difficult task. With a frequent influx of customers, clients or patients, you will be racking up numerous files and folders containing paperwork. For a while, you can manage these documents on your own, but what happens when it becomes too overwhelming? Who do you […]

Datafied Has the Technology You Need to Get the Job Done

May 12, 2017

Technology is absolutely essential in most of today’s workplaces. Teachers have state of the art digital white boards to keep students engaged. Police officers and forensic scientists have updated computer and analysis tools to give them the best chance of catching the criminals. The same can be said for medical facilities and health plan representative, […]

Datafied Comes in Handy More Ways Than You Know

May 3, 2017

Since , has been a leader in the document management and retrieval industry. Through our various divisions, we strive to offer our customers exemplary service at an affordable price. Our service offerings continue to grow, so much so that you might not even realize all of the ways that we can help. Here are a […]

Datafied Helps Doctors Retire

April 26, 2017

When you make the massive decision to close up your practice and retire, the To-Do list becomes quite long. You must inform your loyal patients, let your staff know that they should start seeking alternative employment, and tell your vendors that they will be losing you as a customer. Aside from that you need to […]

Datafied Offers Life Insurance Services

April 20, 2017

Life insurance providers have stressful days sorting through papers and records related to life insurance claims. This process can be very frustrating and time consuming, especially if you don’t have the right help. Instead of scoffing at the idea of hiring another full time employee, why not consider employing the services of a company like […]

Datafied Offers Support Services to Assist Attorneys

April 13, 2017

Attorneys can generally be found up to their necks in paperwork, trying to sort through briefs and client information. It’s a tedious job that can often be supplemented with legal interns and support staff, but sometimes you just need a little more assistance. Instead of working twelve to fourteen hour days, missing out on meals, […]

What to Do If You’re Doctor Closes His or Her Practice

April 5, 2017

When your current physician informs you that they will be retiring it can be a sentimental time. Chances are that this doctor has been with you since you either switched from a pediatrician to a real doctor, or since you moved into the area. They have been with you through good times and bad, and […]

Do You Need Documents?

March 30, 2017

How many times have you not realized that something was missing until you desperately needed it? You don’t realize that you’ve misplaced your Passport until the night before your big trip to Europe. You don’t realize that you left your license at home until you’ve been ID’ed to enter a bar with your friends. Situations […]

Looking to Generate Some Extra Spending Cash? Join the Datafied Team!

March 24, 2017

Are you looking to generate a bit more income than you currently area? Well, you’re in luck because is almost always hiring! With a network the stretches to the far reaches of the globe. always looks for quality individuals to plug into gaps in their network. That means if you are looking for a job, […]

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