Common reasons why you should backup your data


Common reasons why you should backup your data

November 27, 2019

Simply put, in the digital age, data is a vital part of any business. Housing and storing data efficiently and securely can be challenging without an IT department especially if you are running a business without IT support. The data that business generate can be as complex as medical images, patient information, customer data, or […]

The rise and popularity of cloud storage

November 20, 2019

Many small and large medical practices and facilities are depending more and more on cloud storage. Cloud storage gives medical practices the flexibility to access their data across a variety of electronic devices while eliminating the costs and difficulties associated with maintaining a physical storage system on site. This allows the clinic to focus their […]

The rise in healthcare data breach

November 13, 2019

Year after year, data breach is becoming an increasingly common problem in the healthcare industry. According to HIPAA Journal report, 2019 was one of the worst years for healthcare data breaches. Data breaches impacted small to large size hospitals, medical lab testing companies, and many health care service providers. Hacking and IT incidents dominated the […]

Why you should start a patient outreach program

November 6, 2019

As healthcare providers, staying connected with your patients between visits is crucial for building good patient relationships and keeping patients informed of the latest services your clinic offer or health news. In a digital age, staying connected is easier than ever and keeping your patients educated between visits can improve their health outcomes. Patients who […]

The Divisions of Datafied

October 28, 2019

has been in business since 1993 and has over 25 years service. It is a leading document and data retrieval and management company. Our goal is to help clients reduce costs and risks in managing data. Since our beginning, we have processed over 4.4 million records. We have been profiled more than 435,000 physicians nationwide […]

Getting Your Medical Records is Simple

October 21, 2019

As a patient, your medical record is a very important piece of information on your health. Patient medical records include a patient’s medical history, lab results, diagnosis, procedures, treatment, allergies, and even list of medications. Knowing the medical information in your medical record is central to the quality of your health care. offers a way […]

The Datafied Vault Secures Your Sensitive Information

October 14, 2019

Datafied is a leading document retrieval and data management company. We strive to help clients reduce costs and risks associated with managing data. We have more than 200 employees with a network of agents across the nation. Currently we serve over 20,000 clients and health care providers. One of the ways that we are so […]

Services for Health Insurance Providers

October 7, 2019

Health insurance providers help give people needed financial assistance at times of medical care. There are many reasons for getting health insurance for people. A major reason is due to the rising costs of medical care. It is extremely important to have health insurance to help with medical emergencies. Health insurance is a financial agreement […]

Life Insurance – It’s Important

September 25, 2019

Life insurance is something that is very important. Almost everyone knows it and has it. But there are still many people who choose to ignore the reality of what could happen without proper protection. Without life insurance, the result can be devastating for the surviving family members, leaving them large amount of expenses or unable […]

Be an Affiliate with Datafied

September 19, 2019

What is an affiliate? Affiliates can be found all over the business world. In the business sense, there can be several definitions for affiliate. The term affiliate can be used to describe the relationship between two entities where different companies are subsidiaries of a larger parent company. One company usually becomes affiliated with another in […]

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