“Do I Have a Right to My Medical Records?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Records


“Do I Have a Right to My Medical Records?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Records

June 19, 2018

There are many questions that frequently circulate regarding medical records. The complexity of the medical industry itself is enough to get your head spinning, but what if you’re looking to obtain copies of your medical records? In this article, we break down some frequently asked questions regarding medical records. Am I guaranteed access to my […]

Medical Records Retention & Disposal Guidelines When Closing a Medical Practice

June 13, 2018

Reaching the financial security threshold where you can comfortably retire after years of running your own medical practice is certainly admirable. Retirement is an exciting time where you can finally relax and partake in more things you love. You can travel the world with your spouse or spend more time with your children and grandchildren. […]

Do You Need a Job? Datafied is Hiring Qualified Candidates Today!

June 8, 2018

How many times have you had to turn down plans because you were busy with work? Weekend road trips are difficult for nurses who work weekend shifts. Impromptu beach trips are difficult for a college student working at a local retail store. The fact is that summer is upon us and you might be interested […]

Four Ways Datafied Can Help in Real World Scenarios

May 30, 2018

Datafied was established in with a focus on improving document retrieval and management. Over the last years, we have grown immensely and now offer services through a variety of specialized divisions. If you need assistance with document management or retrieval, Datafied can help. These are just a few scenarios where Datafied can help: Issues with […]

Datafied Offers Assistance with RADV Audits to Health Plans

May 22, 2018

We get it, RADV Audits can be a true hassle. Not only do you need to gather patient medical records, but you also have to identify the best records, perform record analysis, and submit the files to the CMS. This can take time, time that you might not have. If you are staying too late […]

How Datafied’s Patient Outreach Services Are Making an Impact

May 17, 2018

Managing a medical practice can be difficult. There are so many things to consider. Not only do you need to focus on treating and caring for patients, you also have to deal with administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, and coordinating with patients, specialists, and vendors. While focusing on providing the best outcomes for patients, it’s […]

Datafied is an Industry Leader in the Document Management and Retrieval Field

May 8, 2018

Are you falling behind at work and feel like you can’t get ahead without hiring another set of helping hands full time? Are you struggling to locate medical or legal documents? Have you been wondering if your law firm needs to hire another clerk? With Datafied, you can get the help you need without the […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office or Medical Practice

April 27, 2018

Winter is officially gone and that means that it is spring! Finally, the snow is gone, the trees are budding and the birds are starting to chirp once again. As the earth comes to live again, it’s time to rejuvenate your office or medical practice as well. Spring cleaning is a great way to get […]

Real World Scenarios Where Datafied Can Help

April 18, 2018

How well are your documents managed? Are you looking to track down records? Both of these can be extremely stressful and frustrating, especially in the medical industry. If you are struggling to do either of the aforementioned tasks, Datafied can help! What is Datafied? Datafied is one of the top document retrieval and management companies in the country. […]

Thinking of Going Green for Earth Day? How About Going Digital at Your Office?

April 13, 2018

It’s almost Earth Day! Does that have you thinking about how your business is impacting the environment? If you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, here are a few tips: Think About Your Lighting Did you know that just under 45% of electricity usage in offices is accounted for by artificial lighting? […]

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