Health Insurance Services

Health Insurance Services

Health Insurance Services

Datafied offers customized document and data services specifically geared to help health insurance providers retrieve, manage, access, organize, and review the medical records of their current and prospective members. Our HIPAA certified technology and 23 years of experience in the industry have enabled us to streamline our processes thus reducing both the cost and time associated with document retrieval and our related services.

Health Insurance Service Offerings

Document & Data Retrieval

Document & Data Retrieval Industry leading documentation retrieval services that deliver records to you as quickly and accurately as possible. Our system includes benefits such as online ordering, facility control, on-site scanning, real-time status updates, dedicated customer service, and two rounds of quality control.

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Audit Record Retrieval

HEDIS Record Retrieval Datafied offers a complete healthcare audit solution, helping health plans audit the quality of care and service more efficiently. Datafied’s system allows for multiple cases to be pursued simultaneously, ensuring that all available records are retrieved within the audit timeframe. This helps you save time and money by preventing you from having to collect multiple sets of records for the same patient.

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Chart Abstraction

HEDIS Abstraction For health plans, it is critical that they review and evaluate their own health care performance each and every year. Health plans utilize the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set to help them evaluate their performance by assessing the quality of service that their providers offer and recognizing any performance gaps in the services they provide. Taking these evaluation measures enables health plans to continually improve their operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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HCC Record Retrieval

HCC Record Retrieval Across the nation health plans are struggling with the administration of HCC chart reviews. Plans are oftentimes concerned about controlling project costs, under intense pressure to retrieve 100% of the required charts, and frustrated with poor organization and communication with their current vendors. Between scheduling on site visits, keeping track of what has been retrieved, and following up with facilities that have not provided the requested records there is a lot of work for plans to handle. Datafied is a leading provider of HCC retrieval and review services as we focus on simplifying the process for health plans while providing them with the highest possible ROI.

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HCC Coding

HCC Coding The process of finding and identifying HCC codes in patient charts is a very difficult one and it is seldom performed correctly. Without proper documentation and accurate coding performed by expert coders it is simply impossible for health plans to capture their full reimbursements from Medicare Advantage. We also understand the challenges that you face in complying with various CMS requirements for coding and submissions and we can help by making this process simpler, more efficient, more accurate, and most importantly, more profitable for you.

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ICD-10 Transition

ICD-10 Transition Coding gets more and more complicated with each year that passes and deciphering these codes is a painstaking task. In 2015 ICD-10 codes will replace the currently used ICD-9 codes adding to the complexity of the task. Instead of dealing with the constant hassle of ICD coding, let Datafied do the work for you.

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ACO Quality Review

ACO Quality Review In order to maintain the highest level of patient care and make sure that operations are being executed as efficiently as possible it is extremely important for health plans to analyze their data and practices. We help plans examine and analyze their current processes in order to identify any gaps in service or shortcomings with their current procedures. Charts are reviewed and results are reported in the most efficient manner possible making the review process fast and simple for your team.

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RADV/Data Validation

RADV/Data Validation The three month RADV audit cycle is a rigorous process that requires a lot of work and attention from any health care provider. Datafied has extensive experience with handling audit projects and experience in dealing with CMS. Let us handle your RADV project and the following dispute resolution process to ensure that your records are submitted accurately and in timely fashion.

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Patient Outreach

Patient Outreach Go above and beyond with your patient care by having Datafied provide comprehensive patient outreach services to all of your valuable patients. Studies have shown that telephone communications and reminders with recently discharged patients helps prevent hospital readmissions and helps keep patients healthy. The goal in health care is to promote better health among all patients so make patient outreach a priority today!

Our outreach program keeps track of patients who are scheduled for treatment and patients who recently received care in order to make sure that your patients get the attention they deserve. Our service is customizable as we work with you to develop a contact and follow-up schedule that you see fit for your patients. Increased patient engagement leads to healthier, happier patients so let Datafied help you start making a difference today.

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Datafied values each and every one of its customers and we strive to provide you with all of the record services that you need. We understand how difficult and challenging audits and other record services can be for your business so let Datafied take care of them for you. Datafied offers a complete solution for your audit and record review projects. If you have any questions about our service offerings listed above or would like more information, please contact us below.

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