Claims Record Retrieval

Claims Record Retrieval

Claims Record Retrieval

Datafied has specialized in medical record retrieval for over 20 years and because of this, our processes are the best in the business. We can obtain medical records for any type of claim ensuring that you will get the records you need in order to investigate the claim.

Datafied’s Claims Record Retrieval benefits include:

  • Industry leading turnaround time – we get you your records faster than the competition
  • Easy to check status of request via our web portal
  • Accuracy and Quality of records – records examined by multiple rounds of Quality Control before they are provided to you
  • Transparency throughout the process – every step is tracked so your due diligence can be easily proven
  • Tools to digitally integrate data – we can digitize your data no matter what format it is in and provide the data back to you via the method you prefer

Another Datafied advantage is that we can retrieve records for any type of claim. Types of records we can retrieve include:

  • Medical Records
  • X-rays/Films
  • Pharmacy Records
  • Pathology Reports
  • Medical Examiner Reports
  • Autopsy Reports
  • Coroner Reports
  • Academic Records

If you are burdened with constantly retrieving records for your Claims cases, then do not delay – Datafied is here to eliminate this burden and consistently provide you with the records you need. For more information, contact us below.

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