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Chart Summaries

Chart Summaries

Chart Summaries

Oftentimes, when patient medical charts are received they are a lengthy mess filled with obsolete information. When you and your staff receive these charts, you will likely end up wasting large amounts of your time searching through the records to find the information that is pertinent to your case. If you are consistently dealing with medical records in your practice, wouldn’t it make sense to maximize the efficiency of the record review process?

The goal of our summaries is to increase the speed and efficiency of the record review process thus saving legal experts valuable time and money. Datafied’s detailed chart summaries are a valuable tool for legal experts because they provide them with immediate access to the information that is relevant to their case. Our summaries eliminate all of the obsolete information that is crammed into the charts and focus on emphasizing what is important to the legal experts in order to help them increase productivity.

If you and your staff are consistently dealing with medical records, then you understand how difficult and frustrating they can be to work with. Chart summaries from Datafied make records much more useful and are guaranteed to save you time and effort. Make sure to order chart summaries with your next order so you can see the benefits for yourself.

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