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Chart Sorting

Chart Sorting

Chart Sorting

Chart sorting is another tool that Datafied provides to help make your data more useful and easier to understand. Oftentimes, when medical records are received from healthcare facilities, the charts are unorganized messes that are very difficult to work with. These charts that are filled with obsolete information are legal expert’s nightmare as they have to spend countless hours digging through charts to find the information that is relevant to their case. Datafied eliminates these issues for lawyers by putting together organized charts that are simple for anyone to navigate.

Working with medical records for over 27 years has enabled us to perfect our chart sorting process so that the most effective results are produced. Once we have spoken with the customer and determined what is important to them, we then sort through every page of the records and group similar items to make them easier to locate. We also group all documents in the chart that are considered “junk” in order to make the charts easier to navigate. Datafied has the ability to sort records chronologically and/or by defined categories that you the customer have requested.

A sorted chart is a great way to help increase the efficiency of your day to day operations. Make medical records easier for you and your staff today by taking advantage of Datafied’s chart sorting services.

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