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ACO Quality Review

ACO Quality Review

ACO Quality Review

In order to maintain the highest level of patient care and make sure that operations are being executed as efficiently as possible, it is extremely important for health plans to analyze their data and practices. We assist health plans examine and analyze their current processes in order to identify any gaps in service or shortcomings with their current procedures. By identifying these shortcomings, we enable health plans to focus their efforts on these areas that need improvement so that positive changes can be implemented to improve their operations.

During our quality review, charts are reviewed and results are reported in the most efficient manner possible. We have designed our procedures to optimize the chart review process so that our findings can be presented to your team within a matter of days. This enables health plans to collect vital performance information quickly which in turn facilitates the rapid implementation of effective health care solutions.

Our quality reviews are performed at an offsite location in order to prevent any disruptions in the workflow of health care providers. We utilize the skills of our Certified Field Agents to quickly and quietly abstract the critical information that we need. Our chart and performance reviews are then conducted by agents who receive frequent and extensive training on a per project basis. If your health plan is looking to gather meaningful results, Datafied’s ACO quality reviews will deliver you what you are looking for.

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