Datafied Driver AppDatafied’s affiliate program allows copy services, service bureaus, and independent contractors to utilize the power and security of our HIPAA compliant technology, customer service team, and user interface to expand their copy services and document retrieval businesses. If you are an existing copy service trying to add new clients or looking to start your own business becoming a Datafied affiliate is the perfect opportunity for you.

Why Become an Affiliate?

Datafied started as copy service and has spent years building and refining our technology platform to make it the most secure and efficient in the industry. By becoming a Datafied affiliate you are able to leverage the power of this HIPAA compliant infrastructure without going through the extensive costs of developing it yourself. Also, by becoming a Datafied affiliate you are eligible to use the “powered by Datafied” badge on your website and marketing materials, providing you with instant nationwide credibility of Datafied to your brand.

Some benefits include:

  • Work received from projects nationwide
  • Proven proprietary HIPAA compliant system
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Powerful brand association
  • Continuous research & development
  • Customer outreach services

Certified Field Agent

Certified Field Agents are mobile data retrieval specialists who specialize in, but are not limited to, medical record retrieval. When our Agents retrieve medical data, they utilize our proprietary document encryption scanning software in order to collect the sensitive data as securely as possible. All Agents receive extensive training on policies and procedures and are then required to pass a certification exam before they can begin working as a Certified Field Agent. We do this because we want all of our customers to know that their data retrieval is being handled by specialists who have been trained up to your standards. Learn more…

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