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Patient Outreach

Patient Outreach

Patient Outreach

Communication is vital for any type of business, and this is especially true in the health care industry where patient experience and patient outcomes are at stake. With help from Datafied’s patient outreach services, your health plan can ensure constant contact with all of your plan enrollees even as your company grows.

With Datafied’s patient outreach services we handle all of your communication and outreach efforts, from issuing appointment reminders to surveys and compliance reporting, effortlessly adapting to changing numbers of plan enrollees. Our outreach program keeps track of patients who are scheduled for treatment and patients who recently received care in order to make sure that your patients get the attention they deserve. And our service is customizable as we work with you to develop a contact and follow-up schedule that you see fit for your patients.

Studies have shown that telephone communications and reminders with recently discharged patients helps prevent hospital readmissions and helps keep patients healthy. The goal in health care is to promote better health among all patients so make patient outreach a priority today! There is little doubt that increased patient engagement leads to healthier, happier patients so let Datafied help you start making a difference today.

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