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ICD-10 Transition

ICD-10 Transition

ICD-10 Transition

For any health care facility to be successful, it is critical that they perform accurate coding. Coding can be a difficult and painstaking task, and this year it is going to become even more challenging. By October 1, 2015 all health care providers must be transitioned from the currently used ICD-9 code set to the new ICD-10 code set. Overall, the ICD-10 code set is much more in-depth than the current set which will allow for more accurate documentation. However, this also means that the chance for error is likely greater.

The new ICD-10 code set will bring many changes with it and in order to ensure that your practice is accurately coding, your staff will need to be trained on all of the new material. The ICD-10 code set contains over 55,000 new codes and many of the existing codes will be altered to better match the rest of the set. Training your staff on this new code set will undoubtedly be expensive and time consuming.

With the implementation of the ICD-10 code set many health care providers are worried about potential losses of revenue and the costs that they are going to have to incur. If your facility cannot afford to lose out on any potential revenues then you must take the necessary steps to secure these revenues. The best way to guarantee that your practice will earn all of the reimbursement money that you are entitled to is to utilize the expertise of the coders at Datafied. Our coders are experienced professionals and have already been trained in great detail on the ICD-10 code set so they can start helping your practice immediately.

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