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HeliosND EMR

HeliosND EMR

HeliosND EMR

HeliosND EMR and Practice Management Software

Datafied’s HeliosND is a comprehensive practice management and EMR program developed specifically for Naturopathic physicians and their needs. Similar to HeliosMD, HeliosND helps streamline the efforts of everyone in your practice in order to improve patient care and wellness. In addition to improving the quality of patient care, HeliosND helps reduce costs and increase revenues because of the many advantages that the workflow assistant tool provides. HeliosND also helps strengthen the security of your records, ensures HIPAA compliance, and makes it easy for you and your patients to access their medical records.

Features include:

  • State-of-the-art workflow management tool that allows all staff to see the day’s appointments, appointment requests, lab orders, patient visit progress, current visit progress, and upcoming events amongst other things.
  • Patient portal that facilitates seamless interaction and scheduling between patient, physician, and staff.
  • Customizable scheduling feature with the capability to organize multiple physicians and procedures. Patients can request appointments online and can be accepted on your end with the click of a button.
  • Comprehensive billing tool that simplifies all billing and payment issues with patients and insurance companies. The streamlined process will enable you to recognize where deficiencies exist in your practice.
  • Physician encounter platform that allows you to enter notes in the style and manner that you prefer. This prevents you from having to revamp effective, already established procedures.
  • E-prescribe function that allows physicians to prescribe medications to patients using the software therefore eliminating the need to see all patients in person.
  • Highly secured HIPAA compliant system that allows administrators to choose who can see what.
  • Direct connect lab tool that provides a single point of contact for lab ordering and result review. Software is connected with most major labs across the country.
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