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Chart Indexing and Linking

Chart Indexing and Linking

Chart Indexing and Linking

Chart Indexing and Linking is another helpful tool that can add value to the medical data that you receive. As we have explained, many times when medical records are received from healthcare providers, the charts are completely unorganized and crammed with obsolete information. These charts make underwriters’ jobs much more difficult as they are forced to comb through the mess of papers in order to find the information that is required to do their jobs. Datafied has developed an indexing and linking service that is designed to eliminate these issues for anyone who deals with medical records.

We start the process by numbering all pages in the chart. Once numbered, a keyword index is produced that allows the chart reviewer to easily determine where different items are located within the chart. We create the index from the sorted material and ensure that it aligns with your preferences. The index will always be easy to read and will detail all relevant keywords. In addition, hyperlinks will be added to each page so that you can simply click on a keyword and be taken to the pages it relates to, providing you with quicker and easier accessibility to the information you want.

Chart indexing and linking makes medical record charts much more useful and user-friendly. If this service is used in combination with some of Datafied’s other medical record services, you will receive charts that enable you and your underwriters to tackle your work much more efficiently and effectively.

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