Legal Services

Legal Services

Legal Services

Datafied’s completely digital medical record retrieval system has provided quality legal support services for over 20 years. With a written authorization or subpoena we can become the critical link between the custodian of records and you, the customer.

Record Retrieval

Record RetrievalOne of our core competencies is and always has been record retrieval. Record retrieval can be a difficult process as oftentimes, it is not easy to work with healthcare providers in order to obtain copies of records. Every healthcare provider typically has their own procedures and regulations for storing and releasing medical records making it difficult to understand how to obtain records.

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Chart Summaries

Chart SummariesOftentimes, when patient medical charts are received they are a lengthy mess filled with obsolete information. When you and your staff receive these charts, you will likely end up wasting large amounts of your time searching through the records to find the information that is pertinent to your case. If you are consistently dealing with medical records in your practice, wouldn’t it make sense to maximize the efficiency of the record review process?

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Chart Sorting

Chart SortingChart sorting is another way that Datafied can help make your data more useful and easier to understand. Once we have spoken with the customer and understand what is important to them, we then sort through every page of the records and group similar items to make them easier to locate. We also group all documents in the chart that are considered "junk" in order to make the charts easier to navigate. Datafied has the ability to sort records chronologically and/or by defined categories that you the customer have requested. A sorted chart is another great way to help increase the efficiency of the record review process.

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Chart Indexing and Linking

Chart Indexing and LinkingChart indexing and linking is another helpful tool that can add value to the medical data that you receive. Before being indexed, all pages in the chart are numbered. Once numbered, a keyword index is produced that allows the chart reviewer to easily determine where everything is located within the chart. We create the index from the sorted material and ensure that it aligns with your preferences. The index will always be easy to read and will detail all relevant keywords. In addition, hyperlinks will be added to each page so that you can simply click on a keyword and be taken to the pages it relates to, providing you with quicker and easier accessibility to the information you want.

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Our Legal services guarantee:

  • Excellent turnaround time
  • Nationwide coverage
  • A professional and committed support staff
  • Extremely attractive pricing options

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