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Retiring Doctor Services

Retiring Doctor Services

Retiring Doctor Services

For physicians, the decision to retire can be a very difficult one to make. After years of being in the business and forming close ties with patients, doctors oftentimes worry about the future care of their patients. With the help of MyRetiredDoctor.com, another specialized division of Datafied, these worries can be alleviated.

My Retired Doctor is a fully licensed and insured company with experience in every aspect of medical record storage and retrieval. We help doctors through all stages of their retirement process by handling their medical records and information, as well as serving as a liaison between doctors, their patients, and any specialty practices or hospitals that they may have been treated at. We understand that patient-doctor confidentiality is of utmost importance, and we employ the highest standards of privacy in every stage of our record handling process.

We offer our unique services to any retiring doctor in the nation. Whether you’re a single practice physician or a retiring doctor in a multi-practice setting, with our services you can retire knowing that your patients’ records have been securely and accurately transferred, and that they will continue to receive the same quality care that you spent your life building. We help make the retirement process as easy as possible by making the transition smooth and painless for all parties involved.

Visit MyRetiredDoctor.com today to learn more about how we can assist your retirement.

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