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HCC Navigator

HCC Navigator

HCC Navigator

In addition to the technology we utilize at Datafied we also use some key software products. One of the products that we use is HCC Navigator, these software products are available to you.

Optimized for HCC, HCC Navigator is a fully hosted project management solution that enables more work to be done in less time by a plan’s coders and HCC experts. This web based application helps project managers and coders process and code documents more securely and effectively while providing superior tracking and higher levels of quality control. The system is completely customizable and scalable to match the process and stages of your specific workflow. The automating built into workflow will save you time and money. Software is HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant.

Features include:

  • HCC Project Management and reporting tools
  • ICD-9 database and coding tool
  • Coder assignment and work queue
  • Overread assistance
  • Admin feedback
  • Real-time coding rates
  • User access controls

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