Document Retrieval, HEDIS Audits, HCC Audits, and Retrieval of Medical Records

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    Be Satisfied with Datafied
    Nationwide Data Retrieval Made Easy
    We offer a wide range of fast, reliable
    record retrieval services. Via mail, fax,
    upload, direct connect, and the use of
    nationwide certified field agents we are
    the critical link between you the client
    and the custodian of records.
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    High Quality Healthcare Services
    aprove_iconAudit Project Management
    aprove_iconHCC Coding
    aprove_iconPatient Outreach
    aprove_iconAnd More...
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    Insurance Solutions
    aprove_iconAPS Retrieval
    aprove_iconAPS Summaries
    aprove_iconChart Sorting, Indexing, & Linking
    aprove_iconMedical Canvassing
    aprove_iconAnd More...
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    The Answer to All of Your Legal Needs
    aprove_iconRecord Retrieval via Authorization or Subpoena
    aprove_iconSubpoena Serving
    aprove_iconChart Summaries
    aprove_iconChart Sorting & Indexing
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    Technology That You Can Trust
    Our customizable software solutions and technologies,
    such as our field agent application, Chart Navigator
    , and EMR management software, can help you
    take care of your data needs securely and efficiently.
    Our suite of software solutions provide you, the
    customer, with the flexibility required to handle all
    of your data needs.
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    Various Data Solutions
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Who Is Datafied?

Datafied has been a leading document retrieval and data management company since 1993. We strive to help customers reduce cost and risk associated with managing their data; allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Please watch our video to learn more.

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How Can We Help You?
Datafied offers a customizable online solution for ordering and managing the retrieval of medical records. Our advanced technology and leading digital imaging process allows us to provide fast, reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your record retrieval needs. With over 31 years of experience in the field, Datafied has the know-how necessary to handle any type of record request.
Datafied facts
4.4M +
We've processed over 4.4 million in our 31 years of business.
435k +
Over 435,000+ doctors have been profiled nationwide.
Dedicated to serving Datafied customers across the country.
Field Agents
Nationwide coverage, encrypted on-site scanning, and more.
Divisions of Datafied
In addition to our core competencies, Datafied provides multiple additional services through our various specialized divisions and dedicated websites.

Order Medical Records

Order Medical Records makes it easy for any patient, doctor, or disability lawyer to order occasional copies of important medical records. We can partner with anyone looking to outsource their record retrieval needs.

My Retired Doctor

My Retired Doctor manages the transfer and storage of patient medical records for retiring physicians. We also enable patients to search for records from their retired doctors.

Certified Field Agent

Certified Field Agent provides access to a nationwide network of fully trained and certified retrieval specialists. Our agents can work as official representatives of your company to complete any of your retrieval or special project needs.

Chart Review Nurses

Chart Review Nurses brings together highly qualified medical chart abstractors and health plans who need assistance with their quality measure projects. We help eliminate the stresses of audit season and can be a full time, part time, or per project resource for your health plan.

HCC Coders

HCC Coders is designed to pair certified medical coders with health plans and healthcare providers who need assistance with their coding projects. Our coders can help guarantee that your facility will collect your full reimbursements.

Patient Outreach

Patient Outreach focuses on helping health plans provide constant contact and support with all of their plan enrollees. Our goal is to help increase the star ratings and the overall success of your company.

RADV Audits

RADV Audits enables health plans to successfully fulfill their RADV audits requirements. We assist health plans with gathering patient data, medical record retrieval, identification of best records, record analysis, and submission of results to the CMS.

Closing My Medical Practice

Closing My Medical Practice assists physicians with the difficult process of closing down a medical practice. We ensure that retiring doctors are fully compliant and that their former patients have access to their medical records for future health care.

Store Medical Records

Store Medical Records provides health care providers with the ability to store their paper medical records, electronic medical records (EMR), receipts, and files all in one place. Records are securely stored and can be easily accessed at any time.

Shred Medical Records

Shred Medical Records enables medical facilities to securely dispose of their old paper medical records once they have been scanned into EMR systems. We can handle the entire process, from scanning to shredding to carefully disposing.

SSSS It (Coming Soon)

SSSS It provides a comprehensive solution for securing, scanning, storing, and shredding confidential documents. We can help you with any type of documents including medical records and legal documents.

Release of Medical Records(Coming Soon)

Release of Medical Records simplifies the burdensome Release of Information (ROI) process for hospitals, medical groups, groups of doctors, and individual physicians. We provide our customers with HIPAA compliant ROI services that reduce the stresses that come with the release of medical records.
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