“We go get the data.”

“We go get the data.”

“We go get the data.”

Chris Haugen - Manager

Chris Haugen – Manager

The enormous medical record industry in this country is a constantly growing and evolving entity. The cycle of patient – physician interactions is constant and the data produced by this cycle is infinitely large. This data drives the healthcare industry and therefore, its management is an important task.

Many people and organizations work with and use this data in their day to day operations. These people oftentimes use expensive analytics software, employ numerous data experts, and spend large amounts of time and money to become proficient in their data analysis methods.

An organization might have all of these components in place to be successful, but at the end of the day, their overall success relies one key element: access to this data. If these organizations cannot acquire the critical data they need, then all of these components become useless and the organizations themselves become ineffective. Having accurate, timely data is everything.

Falling into this data trap can be extremely detrimental to the success of any business, but it can be avoided if the proper actions are taken. Datafied has made collecting, transferring, and storing medical data our focus for over 31 years. We thrive as the direct link between healthcare facilities and their data, and you the customer.

At Datafied, our core competency is ensuring that our customers receive all of the data that they request. We relentlessly pursue the data that our customers need and this is one of the factors that separates us from the competition. No matter how large the order or project is, we strive to achieve 100% data retrieval success. If an order calls for the collection of 10,000 patient medical records, we will not stop until all of these records are collected. We utilize any means necessary to collect the data and can appropriately manage data in any format that it is provided to us.

Not only do we focus on providing our valuable customers the data that they need, but we also strive to present it to them in the manner that they desire. When our customers place orders for data, we supply them the data in the format they want, whether that’s a secure link to their data, a CD with their data, or a physical copy of their data. In addition, if customers want their data sorted, indexed, or summarized we have professionals on staff to fulfill these requests.

At Datafied, we don’t make excuses; we simply go get the data, and the importance of this cannot be understated. You can have all the best software and employees in the world, but without the actual data your business cannot succeed. Don’t take any chances when it comes to collecting the data you need; let Datafied help you stay on the path to success.

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