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Medical Canvassing

Medical Canvassing

Medical Canvassing

Insurance fraud is an ongoing and costly issue for insurance providers with nearly $80 billion worth of fraud committed every year. In order to protect your company from these massive losses, it is imperative that you have the ability to thoroughly review and investigate suspicious medical histories.

Datafied canvasses all medical facilities, clinics, physician offices, specialists, laboratories, physical therapy clinics, gyms, and pharmacies within a specified radius of the residence or workplace with the ability to extend the search if necessary.

Throughout the years, our professional team has become experts at finding and identifying preexisting conditions that claimants may have failed to disclose.

Our Canvassing service provides the following:

  • Verify insured/claimant’s statements about prior medical treatment
  • Verify insured/claimants record of treatments and if it falls within the contestable period
  • Determine if the insured/claimant has frequently claimed injuries in the past.
  • Discover any unknown treatment information or referral doctors or facility that was not previously disclosed
  • Information is then provided directly to the client or we will arrange for the immediate securing of the records if that is requested.
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