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HCC Record Retrieval

HCC Record Retrieval

HCC Record Retrieval

Across the nation health plans are struggling with the administration of HCC chart reviews. Plans are oftentimes concerned about controlling project costs, under intense pressure to retrieve 100% of the required charts, and frustrated with poor organization and communication with their current vendors. Between scheduling on site visits, keeping track of what has been retrieved, and following up with facilities that have not provided the requested records there is a lot of work for plans to handle. Datafied is a leading provider of HCC retrieval and review services as we focus on simplifying the process for health plans while providing them with the highest possible ROI.

We are able to achieve high ROI on HCC retrieval because of our lean, efficient practices and commitment to identify charts that are likely inaccurate and missing codes. Datafied looks at all potential sources of inadequate coding and once identified, we contact the facilities and work to get the records ourselves. While we have the resources to physically scan the charts from the providers we strive to obtain them via fax, mail, or secure upload as this helps keep total project costs down. We also offer discounts to health plans when they need multiple charts scanned from one location to ensure that our interests are aligned. These two factors enable Datafied to maintain the lowest average cost per chart retrieved in any given project of any retrieval service in the nation.

Another advantage we provide is our willingness to travel to many rural locations that other retrieval services will not go to. We have found that these locations often have charts with more mistakes and these charts provide higher ROI for our clients. Whether it’s 4 charts or 40 charts, and whether the location is large or minuscule we always give our best efforts to retrieve the records as efficiently as possible and to make sure that our clients do not miss out on a single penny.

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