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HCC Coding

HCC Coding

HCC Coding

The process of finding and identifying HCC codes in patient charts is a very difficult one and it is seldom performed correctly. Without proper documentation and accurate coding performed by expert coders it is simply impossible for health plans to capture their full reimbursements from Medicare Advantage. We also understand the challenges that you face in complying with various CMS requirements for coding and submissions and we can help by making this process simpler, more efficient, more accurate, and most importantly, more profitable for you.

Our HCC coders are highly trained, highly qualified professionals with years of experience in coding. Datafied has a specialized division of certified coders whom we recruit from across the country via our HCC Coders .com site. By using these experts we can guarantee that every possible code will be documented for your benefit. Using our thorough retrieval and coding processes has enabled us to have a success rate in excess of 95% for recent health plan projects.

At Datafied, we stand by the belief that our coders are the best in the industry. When using Datafied for your HCC coding needs you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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