“You will be satisfied with Datafied.”

“You will be satisfied with Datafied.”

“You will be satisfied with Datafied.”

Linda Nefos - VP of Sales

Linda Nefos – VP of Sales

Years ago when CEO Mark Holman was building the company, he was thinking long and hard about a new name for the business. He decided that he wanted a name that would incorporate the core value of the company – ensuring that the customers are fully satisfied with the data they receive, every time. Mark pondered how he could work this into the name and soon realized that there were several words that encompassed what the company is all about.


Medical records are an extremely important part of the healthcare industry as they are one of the key components in providing quality care to patients. For patients, obtaining copies of their medical records is a long and difficult process and for physicians, releasing copies of medical records is a burdensome task that brings down the efficiency of their staffs and practices. Datafied helps our customers by simplifying the process for everyone involved. Whether it’s a patient who urgently needs copies of their records or a healthcare provider who needs assistance with their release of records, Datafied has a solution to solve each individual’s unique problems.


Datafied has been effectively retrieving medical records and satisfying customers for over 31 years. We have worked with hundreds of thousands of different facilities and doctors across the country, and have completed millions of orders. Over the years, we have successfully worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies while still remaining committed to every individual patient that we serve. Our team is highly experienced and qualified to serve you, as many of our staff members have been a part of our team since the business’ inception over 31 years ago. When dealing with something as important as medical records, it is crucial that you choose to use a highly qualified partner and Datafied can be this partner for you.


One of Datafied’s goals is to be able to serve all types of customers in the medical record industry. That is why Datafied has developed 11 specialized websites with each providing different services for different customer bases. Our knowledge and experience in the industry has enabled us to recognize the needs of patients, physicians, health plans, lawyers, and insurance companies and we have tailored our services towards them accordingly. Datafied is always looking at new opportunities to expand our services in order to ensure that we continually provide our customers with the best results possible.


At the end of the day, Mark wanted to ensure that the customers he served were always satisfied with the results he provided them. Accordingly, all of Datafied’s people, processes, and systems have been developed with this critical concept in mind. The concept is rather simple, but it is dearly important to Datafied, as we strive to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. No matter what the circumstances are, we go get all of the medical data that our customers request to ensure that they are satisfied with Datafied.

With all of this in mind, Mark recognized how important it was to provide customers with the data they need in the most efficient way possible, and this is how the name Datafied was born.

At Datafied, we pride ourselves on providing the best service and experience possible to all of our customers. We have always worked closely with our customers to help us understand their needs and this has allowed us to grow into the industry leader that we are today. At the end of the day, our goal has always been and always will be to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with Datafied.

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