“We don’t want all the business, just the great business.”

“We don’t want all the business, just the great business.”

“We don’t want all the business, just the great business.”

Mark Holman - CEO

Mark Holman – CEO

When Datafied was first established, CEO Mark Holman had an idea of what he wanted to achieve and how he wanted to achieve it. Mark had worked for a couple of different copy services prior to starting Datafied and one thing that he noticed about all of them was their lack of true commitment to each and every customer. Mark was bothered by this fact and vowed that Datafied would be different than its competitors.

Mark recognized this fundamental error that his competitors were committing and knew that if Datafied could treat their customers better, the business would succeed. Saying that you work as hard as possible for every customer that you serve is one thing, but actually delivering on those words presents several challenges.

So how was Datafied going to be different? How could they ensure that they were truly committing themselves to every customer? Mark thought it was simple. Don’t take on all the business, just the great business.

Many would find this line to be somewhat absurd and against all logic as oftentimes, businesses solely focus on bringing in more revenue. The general notion is that businesses should never turn down a potential client because more clients equals more cash. But from the very beginning, Mark knew that he wanted Datafied to be different. He knew that in order to provide the best customer experience possible he needed to work with and for the best customers.

To this day Datafied strives to create relationships with customers that provide benefits for all parties involved. Datafied could take on the larger healthcare clients and simply churn out record after record. But this type of relationship is strictly business and doesn’t foster any sort of positive relationship between the two parties.

Datafied wants the medical record experience to be a positive one for their customers and they want their customers to bring positivity and loyalty back to the company. Datafied focuses on creating healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with all of their customers and that is why the company doesn’t want all the business, just the great business.

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