“Certified by Datafied.”

“Certified by Datafied.”

“Certified by Datafied.”

Linda Smith - COO

Linda Smith – COO

When we deal with important matters and issues in our lives, we like to work with and have assistance from qualified professionals. We look for companies that have solid policies and practices in place, seeking out those that have great track records and are highly recommended. The bottom line is, when you are handling important aspects in your life you cannot afford to work with anyone, but the best.

Determining how you will obtain, store, and manage your medical records is one of these important situations where it is probably best that you seek help from professionals you can trust. Datafied has specialized in medical record services for over 31 years, providing customers across the nation with excellent and dedicated service. We understand that medical records are very sensitive and private documents, and that is why we have been dedicated to perfecting our craft for the past two decades.

Datafied has grown into an industry leader because of the people, process, and systems that we have developed and utilize today. Our team has gained a great deal of experience in the industry over the years and this has helped us learn how to best serve our customers. Our methods have been tested and our staff has been well trained so that we can provide our customers with the data they need in the most effective way possible. We provide our employees with extensive training and regularly monitor their efforts to ensure that we are operating at the high standards that we have established for ourselves.

In order to further ensure the safety, security, and standardization of the medical record process, Datafied strictly adheres to all guidelines established by HIPAA. All of our technology and practices that we use are fully HIPAA compliant and every employee of Datafied is well trained on the HIPAA rules and bylaws. When working with Datafied, you can rest assured that we are consistently meeting all security regulations.

Accuracy is also a very important requirement when dealing with medical records, and Datafied’s polices and Quality Control procedures have been designed with this in mind. Whenever we receive medical records here at our facility, they are immediately examined by our first Quality Control team. These staff members check to verify that all of the patient information is correct and that all of the requested records have been received. Once records pass through this stage, they are sent through another round of rigorous Quality Control where we double check the records and make sure that we are giving the customer exactly what they are looking for.

When dealing with medical records, confidentiality and security are of the utmost importance. Therefore, it is important that you utilize the best service available to handle your medical record needs. Our expert team here at Datafied will work closely with you to ensure that your every need is met and we won’t stop until we can say that your records are certified by Datafied.

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