What is Chart Navigator?


What is Chart Navigator?

At Chart Review Nurses, we connect pre-trained HEDIS nurses and chart abstractors with health plan representatives. The great thing about Chart Review Nurses is that we have proprietary software, Chart Navigator that allows our staff and yours to work together seamlessly. Keep reading to learn more Chart Navigator and how it can increase the productivity […]

Does Datafied Have Technology Solutions?

At Datafied, we know the importance of having the best technology for your practice. That is why we offer top of the line technology solutions to improve your efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about the different technology solutions that Datafied offers our clients. Chart Navigator For health plans needing assistance with their HEDIS projects, […]

Why Should I Trust Datafied?

Datafied is a company that specializes in proving a variety of document management and retrieval services. Our goal is to help customers reduce the cost and risk associated with managing the documents and data, and we are good at it! By letting us focus on data and document management, you can focus on your core […]

How Can Datafied Help You?

Did you know that Datafied has been in business since ? That’s right, we have been a leading document retrieval and management company for over years! We are one of the best in the business and we pride ourselves on providing the services you need at an affordable price, with great customer service. Not sure […]

Medical Record Requests for Attorneys

If you are an attorney looking for assistance with your medical record requests, you have a couple of options. You can either overwork your current staff, add a new member to your team, or let Datafied help with your medical record requests. With Datafied, you can rely on us for excellent turnaround time, nationwide coverage, […]

Do I Need an EMR System at My Practice?

Are you interested in an EMR system at your medical practice? These systems are great and being implement across the board at more and more medical facilities, but they do come at a cost. You might be wary of spending the funds to put in an EMR system at your practice but there are many […]

What Are the Benefits of Digital Medical Record Conversion?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs), are real-time patient documents that make medical information available instantly and securely to authorized users. While it is not cheap to convert paper records to digital medical records or EHRs, there are many benefits to digital medical record conversion. Not sure why you should convert to digital medical records? Keep reading […]

Customized Services for Life Insurance Providers

The number of life insurance claims has risen significantly in recent years. And, as a life insurance provider, you know the importance of having medical records in hand to process those claims accurately and efficiently. If you are struggling to keep up, you are not alone! Did you know that Datafied offers customized services to […]

Does Datafied Offer Technology Solutions?

You know how crucial technology is in the medical field. That is why Datafied offers advanced technology solutions to improve your efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about the technology solutions offered by Datafied. What technology services does Datafied offer? Datafied offers a variety of technology solutions for those in the medical field. This includes: […]

Treat the Mom in Your Life to Better Healthcare

This Mother’s Day, why not give the mom in your life something really special. At Datafied, we think that treating the mom in your life, whether that is your mom or the mother of your children, to better healthcare is a great gift! One way to do that is by helping her obtain copies of […]

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