What is HCC Navigator?


What is HCC Navigator?

What is HCC Navigator?

If you are a health plan provider looking for assistance with your ICD-10 coding, you might want to take advantage of our coding workflow software, HCC Navigator. Keep reading to learn more about HCC Navigator and how it can help project managers and coders process and code documents more securely and effectively.

HCC Navigator Features

HCC Navigator is a fully hosted project management solution that increases the efficiency of a plan’s coders and HCC experts. This is a web-based application that automates workflow and offers the following features:

  • HCC Project Management and reporting tools
  • ICD-9 database and coding tool
  • Coder assignment and work queue
  • Overread assistance
  • Admin feedback
  • Real-time coding rates
  • User access controls

If you have more questions about what HCC Navigator can and cannot do, contact the team at Datafied to discuss your needs.

Datafied Has Strong Focus on HIPAA Compliance

The great thing about HCC Navigator is that it is brought to you by Datafied, a trusted name in the industry. Datafied is HIPAA compliant and all of our staff is trained on HIPAA and its importance. We will provide a Business Associate Agreement that requires that we will:

  • Use the information disclosed only for the permitted purpose
  • Restrict the disclosure of all protected health information only to those authorized to receive it
  • Use any and all available and appropriate protections to prevent the use or disclosure of information other than as provided by the agreement
  • Ensure that subcontractors or agents to whom protected health information is provided agree to the same restrictions and conditions
  • Make available our internal practices, books, and records relating to the use and disclosure of protected health information to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, if requested
  • Return or destroy all protected health information received from the covered entity at the termination of the agreement
  • Authorize termination of the agreement by the covered entity upon the determination that the business associate violated a material term of the agreement.

If you want to utilize HCC Navigator for your facility, contact Datafied today!

If you are looking to implement HCC Navigator so you can process and code documents more securely and effectively, HCC Navigator is the technology solution for you. As an industry expert, Datafied knows the ins and outs of HCC coding and our HCC Navigator is the perfect option to improve coding accuracy and efficiency. If you want to learn more or start the process of implementing HCC Navigator at your facility, contact us today at 800-765-7510.

To learn more about the reliable and quality document management and retrieval services that we offer, visit us on the web at Datafied.

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