What is an APS?


What is an APS?

What is an APS?

An APS is an attending physician statement. It is a report by a physician, a hospital, or medical facility that has treated or currently treating a patient who needs it for insurance purposes. An APS is frequently ordered as additional sources of medical background information for insurance applications. Obtaining an APS by yourself can be a daunting and confusing task. It is not always easy to work with healthcare providers to obtain records. Every healthcare provider will typically have their own way of storing and releasing records, making it difficult to understand how to obtain the records. You probably don’t even know where to start! Fortunately, there is Datafied that can help you!

How Datafied Can Help you with Life Insurance

Datafied is able to customize their service to assist you obtain an APS for your insurance provider quickly and efficiently. The HIPAA certified technology our team uses allow us to automate much of the retrieval process and reduce costs and time associated with the document retrieval. The Datafied team is experts in APS retrieval because the service has been a core competency of the company since the beginning. Today, we continue to provide the best quality APS retrieval services possible. Our document retrieval allows life insurance carriers to place and track their orders online and receive real-time status updates. We also offer the ability for review and downloading of digitalized records. Additionally, we generate customized real-time reports, avoid canned status notes, and use online communication tools as part of the document retrieval process.

Other Life Insurance Service Offerings

In addition to retrieving APS, we also offer a number of other life insurance related services.

Claims Record Retrieval: Medical records are an essential part of many investigations for insurance claims. Datafied has over 20 years of medical record retrieval. Our process is the best in the industry.

APS Summaries: Many times when APS charts are received, the information is buried in a lot of other medical information. When these charts are passed to insurance underwriters, much of their time is wasted searching to find the information they are looking for. Our expert team at Datafied are able to review the charts and extract the needed information from the APS charts to incorporate into a summary.

Chart Sorting: Staying organized is another way Datafied can help make data more useful and easier to understand. We are skilled at grouping documents in chart into useful and not useful information, making charts easier to navigate.

Chart Indexing and Linking: We can also help index and link information in the chart to make it easier to review and locate different items within the chart. This will speed up chart reviews and streamline the process.

Medical Canvassing: Datafied is also commited to helping protect your company from loss by helping you have the ability to thoroughly review and investigate suspicious medical histories for fraud.

If you’re interested in having Datafied assist you with your life insurance service needs, please give us a call at 800-765-7510 today!

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