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What Do I Need to Know About Applying for a Marriage License?


What Do I Need to Know About Applying for a Marriage License?

What Do I Need to Know About Applying for a Marriage License?

If you are getting married, it is important to remember the legal aspect as well as the party portion of the event. That means you and your partner heading to the courthouse, city hall, or town office to apply for a marriage license in the presence of a clerk. If you’re wondering what the marriage license is all about and what requirements will need to be met, keep reading!

What are the marriage residency requirements?

In most states, there is no requirement that you must be a resident of the state in order to obtain a marriage license. However, this does vary on a state by state basis so be sure to check before heading to the clerk’s office!

Is there a waiting period?

Different states have different waiting periods after the application has been filed. They are:

  • 1 day: South Carolina
  • 3 days: Alaska, District of Columbia, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington
  • 5 days: Minnesota
  • 6 days: Wisconsin

Other states have waiting period requirements after receiving the marriage license. These are:

  • 1 day: Delaware, Illinois, New York
  • 2 days: Maryland
  • 3 days: Iowa, Louisiana, Texas

What if I was previously married?

If you were previously married, you will need to submit proof that you are no longer married and that any and all prior marriages were legally ended. To do this, you will need to bring a divorce decree or summary judgment stating that a prior marriage was ended. These need to be original or certified copies.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

When you apply for a marriage license there are several documents that you will need to bring with you. You will need to present proof of birth facts and identification with your full name and date of birth. This can be completed by presenting a driver’s license, state-issued picture I.D., certified or original copy of your birth certificate, U.S. Passport, foreign passport, or military I.D. You will also need to know your social security number as well. Be sure to check what your state-specific requirements are before heading out to apply for the marriage license.

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