What Are the Divisions of Datafied?


What Are the Divisions of Datafied?

What Are the Divisions of Datafied?

At Datafied, we offer our core competencies, but we also have a variety of divisions to meet your individual needs. Keep reading to learn more about the various divisions of Datafied.

What are the various divisions of Datafied?

At Datafied, we have over 27 years of experience. Since our inception, our service offerings have grown to include the following specialized divisions:

  • Order Medical Records: Makes it easy to order occasional copies of important medical records. We can partner with anyone looking to outsource their record retrieval needs.
  • My Retired Doctor: Manages the transfer and storage of patient medical records for retiring physicians.
  • Certified Field Agent: Provides access to a nationwide network of fully trained and certified retrieval specialists.
  • HEDIS Nurses: Brings together highly qualified HEDIS abstractors and health plans who need assistance with their HEDIS projects.
  • HCC Coders: Pairs certified medical coders with health plans and healthcare providers who need assistance with their coding projects.
  • Patient Outreach: Focuses on helping health plans provide constant contact and support with all of their plan enrollees.
  • RADV Audits: Assists health plans with gathering patient data, medical record retrieval, identification of best records, record analysis, and submission of results to the CMS.
  • Closing My Medical Practice: Assists physicians with the difficult process of closing down a medical practice, ensuring that retiring doctors are fully compliant and that their former patients have access to their medical records for future health care.
  • Store Medical Records: Provides health care providers with the ability to store their paper medical records, electronic medical records (EMR), receipts, and files all in one place.
  • Shred Medical Records: Enables medical facilities to securely dispose of their old paper medical records once they have been scanned into EMR systems.

To learn more about how our various divisions can help your facility, contact us today!

What does Datafied have so many divisions?

Think of it this way, if you call a car dealership to get your car fixed, do you want to speak with a new car salesman? No, you want to talk to the mechanic garage! The same concept speaks for why Datafied has so many divisions. We want our clients to get individualized services by experts with specific experience. If you need medical records to be retrieved, we have specialized agents for that. If you need help with HEDIS work, we have a special team of qualified chart abstractors for that. Whatever your specific needs are, the experts in our various divisions are trained to meet them.

The divisions of Datafied have your record retrieval and document management needs covered!

If you have document retrieval and management needs, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today at 800-765-7510 and we will transfer you to the division that can provide you expert service. To learn more about the medical record retrieval and document management services that we offer, visit us on the web at Datafied!

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