What Are the Different Types of Release of Information?


What Are the Different Types of Release of Information?

What Are the Different Types of Release of Information?

If you operate a medical facility you are required to provide patients access to their medical records. However, release of information (ROI) can be difficult to manage, especially if you’re trying to focus on providing excellent patient care. Thankfully, Datafied is here to help!

Wondering what types of ROI Datafied is able to provide? Keep reading to learn more about our ROI services!

On-Site ROI

If you are looking for on-site ROI services, we will provide professional staff members fully-trained in HIPAA compliance to handle all requests. Our On-Site ROI services feature:

  • These professionals are trained to work with various EMR systems so they will seamlessly integrate with your practices and procedures.
  • Requests will be handled by the Datafied team and quickly released to the requesting parties.
  • The entire process will be handled by us allowing you and your staff to focus on your practice and core competencies.

Mobile ROI

For our Mobile ROE services, we will send certified field agents to your facility to handle all record requests whenever needed. These services include:

  • Our staff will use our own equipment and technology in order to be in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Your records will be securely entered into the Datafied system, thus providing you and the requesting party the ability to see what’s going on with their requests at all times.

Remote ROI

If you don’t want any intrusion from our staff, we also offer Remote ROI. This involves:

  • We can securely access your EMR/EHR system from our Datafied headquarters in Anaheim, California.
  • We will remotely handle all requests and client interactions to remove the burden from your practice.
  • Turnaround time will speed up dramatically without any interference to your practice.

Shared ROI

With shared ROI services, your staff simply uploads the records and we do the rest. This service includes:

  • Records go through our thorough Quality Control process before we send them out to clients.
  • We handle all client billing transactions.
  • Revenues are shared between your facility and Datafied.

Full Service ROI

If you want Datafied to handle every aspect of the ROI process from start to finish, you need our Full Service ROI.

  • When patients and other requestors ask for records simply refer them to us and we take care of the rest.
  • We will provide you with Datafied ROI contact cards to give to requesting patients and all of the necessary contact information for other requestors.
  • The full-service ROI guarantees that your staff will never lose any time having to deal with requests for records.

For help with your ROI, contact Datafied!

At Datafied, we know the importance of ROI. We also know that every practice operates differently. That is why we offer a variety of ROI services to meet the needs of our individual clients. Whatever your ROI practices and preferences are, we can help! Give us a call today at 800-765-7510 to request services.

To learn more about the reliable and quality document retrieval and management services that we offer retiring physicians, visit us on the web at Datafied.

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