The Rise of Electronic Health Records


The Rise of Electronic Health Records

The Rise of Electronic Health Records

Over the past decade, just about every major industry have gradually moved towards a digital world. Most if not all documents can be digitized, accessed, and delivered digitally. Accessing electronic health records is much more efficient and secure than printing a patients health record. Despite these advances, the majority of patient data are still recorded on paper and archived in storage bins. Retrieving paper documents filed in physical storage can be inefficient, costly, and prone to error.

How exactly can digitizing health records improve patient care and operational efficiency?

Digitizing your health information records can help you provide higher quality service and insight into your business. The patients and healthcare providers benefiting from electronic health records can include:

  1. Accurate and up to date patient information.
  2. Access to a patient’s complete medical history.
  3. Securely share patient data among health care providers.
  4. Improve communications between providers and patients.
  5. Help promote clear and complete documentation to reduce and prevent medical error.
  6. Enhance patient health record privacy and security.
  7. Reduce cost and mistakes with paperwork reducing duplicate testing and improved patient health.
  8. Better clinical decision making by integrating information from various sources.
  9. Digital electronic health records can assist providers in following up with patients.
  10. Healthcare providers can easily access clinical lab protocols.

Your organization will also benefit from a more robust means of keeping records. Digitizing health records can improve legal and regulatory compliance and improve your organization’s ability to conduct research. Such benefits can include a more efficient organizational outcome resulting in financial gains and operational efficiency. Effective utilization and resources can significantly reduce waste.

How can we help you digitize your health records?

Datafied is a data service leader with over 26 years of experience in document retrieval and management. We pride ourselves in providing fast and accurate data services that meet industry standards. When you need help to turn your paper medical records into a digital health records database, our team of experts can help guide and provide scanning services to meet your unique needs. We provide high-quality digitization of any type of records such as medical transcripts, birth records, prescription and medication records, diagnostics and imaging results. Contact us today at 800-765-7510 to learn more about how we can help you transform your paper medical records into a digital electronic healthcare database.

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