The Rise of Consumer Health Information


The Rise of Consumer Health Information

The Rise of Consumer Health Information

Consumer health information is coming into a new age with the use of technology. In the last decades, we have seen a rise in consumer health products paired with innovative digital gadgets such as the smartphone, smartwatch, and fitbits. These types of devices can give you immediate access to your health information at the tap of a button. This incredible change in technology have fundamentally change the way consumers think about their health information, and the way consumers can access their health data. If you have visited your doctor recently, you may have noticed that accessing your electronic health records and communicating with your doctor has become much simpler using the hospital’s web applications.

What’s in your health information records?

Your health information contains a wealth data about your past and current health records. One crucial component of your health information is your medical history. Anyone who was born in a hospital or sought care by a professional healthcare provider has a medical record. Your medical record is simply a record of patient health and medical history. The data included in your health information can contain your name, gender, age, family medical history, known allergies, prescription drugs, and any medical procedure you may have undergone.

Why you should have all your medical information collated

Your personal medical information may not always include your complete medical records. Your medical records may be dispersed between different providers and may not be collated in an easily accessible means. Having all your medical records in an easily accessible manner can mean life and death in certain situations. The information tells medical personnel about your current and past health about whether you have acute or chronic diseases. Your medical information can help health care provider give you the proper care and treatment if you are unable to communicate.

Why is it so difficult to collect all my health information?

Despite how easily we can share data over our smartphone and internet, accessing and retrieving your health data remains challenging. Due to the sensitivity of the data and laws governing how health information is shared creates barriers. No acceptable industry standards are practice on how your health information is shared between healthcare providers makes it difficult for consumers to access their data. Navigating these barriers can be difficult and hampers the quality of health records retrieved.

How can we help you retrieve your health information from various sources?

Empowering consumers with data can help patients and healthcare providers better communicate and enhance health care. Our specialists are trained in investigating and retrieving records from various sources saving you time, money, and risk. Datafied is a leading documentation retrieval service that can deliver your documents quickly. Please give us a call at 800-765-7510 to find out how we can help you.

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