The Divisions of Datafied


The Divisions of Datafied

The Divisions of Datafied

Datafied has been in business since 1993 and has over 25 years service. It is a leading document and data retrieval and management company. Our goal is to help clients reduce costs and risks in managing data. Since our beginning, we have processed over 4.4 million records. We have been profiled more than 435,000 physicians nationwide and served over 200 professionals across the country. Additionally, we have more than 150 field agents nationwide to assist with our services.

Datafied Divisions

Aside from our core competencies, Datafied provides additional services through various specialized divisions and dedicated websites. Let’s take a closer look at all of our divisions of Datafied.

  • Order Medical Records: Order Medical Records makes it extremely easy for patients, doctors, or lawyers to order copies of medical records.
  • My Retired Doctor: My Retired Doctor assists with managing, transferring, and storing of patient medical records for physicians who are retiring. Additionally, patients are able to order their medical records from us.
  • Certified Field Agent: Certified Field Agent provides access to a network of fully trained and certified retrieval specialists nationwide.
  • HEDIS Nurses: HEDIS Nurses link experienced HEDIS coding nurses with health plans to fulfill HEDIS project needs.
  • HCC Coders: HCC Coders pair qualified medical coders with health plans and healthcare providers to assist with all coding needs to optimize reimbursements.
  • Patient Outreach: Patient Outreach helps health plans provide constant contact and support with plan members to improve star ratings and increase customer satisfaction.
  • RADV Audits: RADV audits allows health plans to fulfill RADV audit requirements by helping gather patient data, medical record retrieval, record analysis, and submission to CMS.
  • Closing My Medical Practice: Closing My Medical Practice helps doctors with the stressful and complex process of closing their medical practice.
  • Store Medical Records: Store Medical Records provide a way for health care providers with a way to safely and securely store their paper medical records, electronic medical records, receipts, and documents in one place.
  • Shred Medical Records: Shred Medical Records provides medical organizations a way to securely dispose of old paper medical records.
  • SSSS It and Release of Medical Records: SSSS It and Release of Medical Records are both newer divisions of Datafied. SSSS It is a more secure way of managing sensitive and confidential documents and information. Release of Medical Records allows for simplification of the Release of Information process for health care institutions.

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