Stay Connected With Patients


Stay Connected With Patients

Stay Connected With Patients

The goal of healthcare is to improve the health of patients by providing quality care. There are multiple ways that health care providers and health care plans can impact the quality of patient care, improve health outcomes, and make informed decisions on patients’ care. As the healthcare environment changes and the costs of health care rises, there are various ways that health insurance plans can ensure that patients are receiving proper care. One of the ways that health plans can work towards providing quality patient care is through patient outreach.

What is patient outreach?

Patient outreach is an activity for providing services to patients who may not have access to services. In health plans, the services include health care services that impact patient care to improve health. In order to create effective patient outreach, a health plan should find ways to meet their patients where they are, listen to their patients, build trust and relationships with patients, and make information that is friendly and easy to understand. Additionally, it is important to offer services and information that is tailored to the patient population in the healthcare plan. Outreach can be used to deliver health services, educate or inform the target population, establish beneficial connections between patients and organizations, and enhance skills and knowledge and raise awareness of services. Following up with the patients is also integral in improving and providing quality care for patients.

How to develop patient outreach strategies?

As a healthcare plan you can develop strategies and action plans to create outreach for patients. For outreach programs, healthcare plans should include developing systems and making information available, establishing guidelines and protocols, and integrating services with other agencies to increase effectiveness. You can develop your own patient outreach programs or look to see if there is an easier way.

Datafied can help!

If you are a healthcare plan and are looking for ways to develop patient outreach and don’t know where to start, do not worry. At Datafied we are experienced in patient outreach. With the help from our Datafied team’s patient outreach services, your health plan can ensure constant contact with all of your plan enrollees as your company expands. Our team handles all of your health care plan’s communication and outreach efforts, and can issue appointment reminders, surveys, and compliance reporting. Give our team at Datafied a call today at 800-765-7510 to get started with patient outreach services.

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