Services for Health Insurance Providers


Services for Health Insurance Providers

Services for Health Insurance Providers

Health insurance providers help give people needed financial assistance at times of medical care. There are many reasons for getting health insurance for people. A major reason is due to the rising costs of medical care. It is extremely important to have health insurance to help with medical emergencies. Health insurance is a financial agreement between an individual and an insurance company for payment of health related costs. Usually the individual would pay a premium to the health insurance provider and the health insurance company will in turn assist the individual pay portions of their medical expenses. In order for health insurance providers to cover the people under their plan, they would need certain medical information to pay for the medical care. Obtaining these types of medical data is often times difficult and time consuming. One way that health insurance providers can successfully do this is to team up with Datafied.

About Datafied

Datafied is an online business focused on document retrieval and data management. Datafied offers customized document and data services catered for health insurance providers to retrieve, manage, access, organize, and review medical information for their members. Additionally, Datafied utilizes a HIPAA certified software that is state of the art to retrieve all your document needs. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and have a streamlined process to effectively serve your needs and reduce your costs.

Health Insurance Service Offerings

Let’s take a look at the services that we offer to health insurance providers.

  • Document and Data Retrieval – We are an industry leading document and data retrieval service. We deliver records quickly and accurately, as timely as possible. The technology we use enables for online ordering, facility control, onsite scanning, real-time status updates, dedicated customer service, and more than one round of quality control measures.
  • HEDIS Record Retrieval – We can provide a complete HEDIS solution to help health plans audit the quality of care and services efficiently. Our system also allow for multiple cases to be started, ensuring all records are retrieved in a timely manner. This saves you time and money.
  • HEDIS Abstraction – We assist health plans abstract critical data from medical charts to report for their HEDIS measures. Taking these evaluation measures enable health plans to improve their operations and increase customer satisfaction.
  • HCC Record Retrieval – We also provide HCC retrieval and review services for health insurance plans to obtain a high ROI.
  • HCC Coding – We understand the challenges of a changing medical environment and difficult to understand CMS requirements for coding and submission. We can help make the process easy and efficient for full reimbursements from Medicare Advantage.
  • ICD 10 Transition – With changing coding tasks, we also offer assistance with ICD 9 to ICD 10 transition.
  • ACO Quality Review – We also help health plans examine and analyze their current process to identify gaps in service or procedures to optimize the level of patient care they provide.
  • RADV/Data Validation – The RADV audit cycles can be rigorous and requires a lot of work from health care providers. We are experienced in this area and can handle all your RADV needs.
  • Patient Outreach – We care about your patients and go above and beyond to ensure quality care.

Reach out to us today! Give Datafied a call at 800-765-7510 to discuss how our health insurance services suit can assist your business.

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