Retrieving Medical Records For Legal Cases


Retrieving Medical Records For Legal Cases

Retrieving Medical Records For Legal Cases

Locating medical records is a critical component for health related legal cases. Law cases involving personal injury or illness lawsuits, medical malpractice claims, or workers’ compensation cases all require the use of medical records. Retrieving the records is no small task and can be a challenge, especially if you are utilizing the traditional route to access the medical records. Let’s take some time to examine what it takes to request medical records the old-fashioned route and what Datafied can do for you.

Traditional Medical Record Retrieval

In order for you to obtain medical records for your cases the conventional way, you must first get the patient’s permission to request the records. You will require your client to sign a HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act release of information form. However, obtaining a HIPAA authorization form may not always be the only authorization needed. Many types of authorization forms exist and are in use by different medical providers. Other practitioner may also have their own set of rules and require their own authorizations when they receive medical record requests. After the authorization forms are all completed and sent, another challenge with retrieving medical records is ensuring that the correct custodian of records receive them to process the request. Most times, the address of where the request is sent is incorrect. Patients will usually provide the address of where they received treatment, but this is not always the destination of the department that handles these requests. The back and form of the request can cause delay you from obtaining the important information you need in the medical records for your case. You will also have to manually manage every and all your requests you need for all your medical legal cases. The requests will be sent to multiple provider facilities and be in different statuses. Making sense of where each request is no small feat, along with ensuring that everything is organized. With a lot of medical legal cases, it will get harder and harder to manage and keep everything organized.

Retrieving Medical Records with Datafied

Fortunately, there is Datafied to make the record-retrieving process easy and fast. Law firms can reduce costs by better managing their time and efforts spent on actual attorney and paralegal work. Datafied is able to streamline your request and efficiently manage your medical record needs. We are experts in the field with over 20 years of experience providing quality legal support of cases that require medical records. Our electronic record retrieval system can secure quickly and conveniently medical records from anywhere in the United States. We have prompt follow up with record custodians every 1 to 3 days to make sure everything goes smoothly. We also offer record management that includes sorting, indexing, and summarization services to help prepare the records for your use.

Contact us at 800-765-7510 to see what Datafied can do for you. We are the best record retrieval service in the industry and you can trust us with your medical record needs!

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