Quality Review with an ACO


Quality Review with an ACO

What is an ACO?

Quality Review with an ACO

ACO stands for accountable care organizations and it is a network of doctors and hospitals that share financial and medical responsibility for providing coordinated care to patients to assist in limiting the healthcare costs. The goal of ACOs is to ensure that patients get the appropriate care at the right time, without any harm to avoid care that has no proven benefit or unnecessary duplication of services. The benefits of ACOs include overall improved population health, improved patient quality of care, focus on patient, encourage physician leadership, lower healthcare costs, and shared savings. Any ACOs that are able to reduce healthcare costs and meet quality performance standards for their patient populations are eligible to share in the savings that ACOs generate for the Medicare program. ACOs are also required to report complete and accurate data on quality measures and satisfy a minimum level of quality measures set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Ensuring Quality Review

A quality review is a process in which a program is evaluated upon some performance measures. For a quality review for ACOs, the accountable care organization is evaluated against performance measures developed by CMS. Performing a quality review for an ACP will help maintain the highest level of patient care and make sure that operations are being executed as efficiently as possible. During a quality review, patient charts are reviewed, and results are reported to the institution to develop strategies for patient care improvements and healthcare cost savings.

Datafied Can Help With Quality Review

Datafied can assist your ACO with a thorough quality review. We assist your health plan examine and analyze your data and practices to identify gaps in services or areas for improvement. We enable health plans to focus on efforts to improve these identified areas that need improvement. This will allow positive changes to implement changes to improve operations and patient care. Our Datafied team have designed procedures that optimize the chart reviewing process, so that our findings can be presented to your organization as soon as possible. Quick performance measures can help facilitate a rapid implementation of healthcare improvement solutions. Additionally, our Datafied quality reviews are performed at an offsite location to prevent any disruptions in the workflow of your healthcare providers and staff. We use qualified and expert personnel who understand how to appropriately and efficiently abstract vital information from the medical charts. Our professionals receive frequent and extensive training on a per project basis and on an ongoing process. Reach out to Datafied to fulfill your quality review needs for your organization. Give us a call at 800-765-7510 to find out how our team can help you!

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