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It’s Time to Head Back to School with HEDIS 101!


It’s Time to Head Back to School with HEDIS 101!

It’s Time to Head Back to School with HEDIS 101!

Though school might look a little different these days due to COVID-19, children across the country are heading back to the classroom—whether it be in person or virtually. Just like kids throughout the country, it’s time to head back to school with a bit of virtual learning. Sit back, relax, and get back to the basics with HEDIS 101!

What are the different domains of care for HEDIS?

The various HEDIS Quality Measures fall under different categories, which are also referred to as domains of care. The different domains of care include:

  • Effectiveness of Care
  • Access/Availability of Care
  • Experience of Care
  • Utilization and Relative Resource Use
  • Health Plan Descriptive Information

Why is HEDIS important?

You might think of HEDIS as simply a requirement, something that you have to do and just go through the motions when completing your tasks. However, HEDIS is actually very important. This is a tool that is used by over 90% of health plans in America to evaluate and gauge performance on various aspects of care and service. Through HEDIS, health plans can be analyzed on an apple to apple basis, which encourages them to improve their quality scores and rates.

What benefit does HEDIS provide to both the patient and providers?

HEDIS provides benefits to both patients and providers. HEDIS allows patients to compare health plans and see how they rank on various domains of care. This enables them to make informed decisions and also encourages health plans to improve service and care, which benefits consumers. In addition, HEDIS helps health plans to identify ways to boost care and performance, which not only improves levels of patient care but can also maximize the compensation and productivity of a practice.

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