Info about our latest technologies


Info about our latest technologies

Info about our latest technologies

It is amazing at all the fascinating advancements made in the sciences, information technology, and the arts. People are living longer and healthier due to technological improvements in medicine. Here at Datafied, we are always looking for innovative ways to progress the ways we do things. We are committed to using the finest and most up-to-date technology to provide the best services possible. We have developed and refined our software to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Not only have we invested in our technology, we have also taken measures to ensure that all our systems are secure. Our data is backed up, protected, and stored in a HIPAA compliant place. Let’s take a closer look at our technology and their various functions.

Our technology

HEDIS Navigator – With HEDIS work becoming more complex, it makes it harder to keep the work organized. There are constant issues with assigning work to abstractors, managing of chart pursuits, and even the monitoring of the progress of the work is difficult. Errors can occur while digging through large excel or PDF data files and tons of medical charts. The combination of these problems led to the development of the HEDIS Navigator. This software is a secure web-based environment focused on increasing the productivity and efficiency of HEDIS projects. The software permits you to manage workflows from start to finish. This allows project managers and nurses involved in the HEDIS process to concentration on their expertise rather than the secretarial parts of the work.

HCC Navigator – HCC coding is a complicated process with the need to adequately manage projects and workflows. HCC Navigator is a web-based project management software that is HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant. The software enables coders to process and code documents efficiently and provides the ability to tract the progress for a greater level of quality control.

HeliosMD EMR – HeliosMD EMR is a software developed to assist medical institutions with documenting and managing medical records. The workflows are automated and streamlined enabling faster and more comprehensive monitoring of patient activities, scheduling of appointments, and prescribing of medications. HeliosMD EMR has an integrated financial service tool to decrease costs and grow revenues.

HeliosND EMR – HeliosND EMR is a software similar to the HeliosMD EMR, except it is developed with the needs of Naturopathic physicians to manage their patients and practice.

The Datafied Vault – The Datafied Vault is our software to manage and store sensitive information for business needs. The vault is a secure and HIPAA compliant online storage and backup system. It requires appropriate authorizations to access the documents in the system providing extra measures of security knowing your data is encrypted and stored appropriately.

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