History of Data Management


History of Data Management

History of Data Management

We know having a data management system and process is important for any organization. But have you wondered how data management came to be? Ever wanted to understand how we came to an era where Big Data has a significant influence on business decisions? Let’s start by reviewing data, and the history and evolution of data management.

Evolution of Data to Data Management

Data is the focal starting point for data management. Without data, and lots of it, there would be nothing to manage. Good thing, there is no scarcity of data in this day and age. Data is generated at almost every level of an organization can occur anytime and anywhere.

As the amount of data created over the years increased the needs for a way to organize and manage the data became apparent. In the early 1950s, managing data was a difficult task and challenging because the computers were extremely slow and required huge amount of time to operate. As the technology improved and computers became faster at processing information, data management became easier. However, there was still a lack of efficient software to handle and organize the large amount of data. Beginning in the 1990s, databases were created to more effectively address some of the concerns with dealing large data sets. Large warehouses were also built to house equipment that stored massive data and information for organizations.

Today’s Data Management

Fast forward to today’s world, the data management process has advanced. There are now powerful computer software that can quickly scan, review, and store data. The process to access, retrieve, and share the data is now faster than ever by clicking a single button on the computer keyboard. The latest data management systems allow for creation of filing systems, organization of data in hierarchical databases, and formation of networks with other data management databases. There is even a new industry focused specifically on managing data. The experts in this industry is Datafied.

Data Management with Datafied

Datafied specializes in data management from a variety of sources. Our teams of experienced professionals can securely and efficiently manage all your data needs. The management service we provide can help reduce your data volume and storage costs, make retrieving your data quickly and improve operations, comply with laws and policies set by regulatory agencies, and better utilize resources to reduce waste. Give us a call at 800-765-7510 today to discuss how we can develop a comprehensive data management plan for you.

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