Datafied Utilizes Premium Technology


Datafied Utilizes Premium Technology

Datafied Utilizes Premium Technology

Innovation in technology improves many things in the world we live in. The advances in medicine have saved significantly numerous lives. The latest tech inventions have the ability to create artificial intelligence at levels we never thought possible in the past. The world we live in is constantly changing and improving for the better. Datafied is no exception to this. We have continued to employ the finest and most up to date technology in our work to serve our clients. The over 26 years of experience in the document retrieval and data management industry has enabled us to refine our technology and software. In doing so, we have maximized our efficiency and effectiveness. Our services and operations rely tremendously on our technology and we can attest that we have the latest technology on the market today.

All of our data is backed up and stored with HIPAA compliance in mind by protecting it by a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer. There are access control measures on all of our software and databases to ensure only authorized users can get access. All of our systems, software, and databases are regularly monitored and updated to ensure that data is always fully protected. Additionally our systems are monitored and can be shut down remotely in order to prevent any type of breaches.

Datafied Software

Datafied has five software technologies that we use to complete our processes and provide our services. The software technologies include: HEDIS Navigator, HCC Navigator, HeliosMD EMR, HeliosND EMR, and The Datafied Vault. Each has their own main functions and services it provides. The HEDIS Navigator is a completely secure web based application that gives project managers, coordinators, and nurses the ability to access data and documents right from their computers. This software also allows for easy management of workflows for audit projects from start to finish. The HCC Navigator is a fully hosted project management solution that enables work to be completed in less time by HEDIS coders. This application helps project managers and coders process and code documents securely and effectively with superior tracking and quality control measures. The HeliosMD EMR software is designed to help medical facilities with practice, document, and medical record management. The HeliosND EMR is a practice management and electronic medical record program developed for Naturopathic physicians to improve their practice efforts to provide quality patient care. The Datafied Vault is a completely secure online storage and backup system that is HIPAA compliant.

Rely On Our Technologies

You already have many things to worry about. Don’t let poor software, breaches, or HIPAA noncompliance be one of them. Rely on us to use the latest up to date technologies and secure methods that are all HIPAA compliant to serve you. Give us a call today at 800-765-7510 to get started with us for all your data management and document needs.

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