Datafied provides multiple services!


Datafied provides multiple services!

Datafied provides multiple services!

In a world where there is an unimaginable large amount of data, getting access to the various types of information can be a daunting task. With the intricacies of the where the data is stored, who to contact, and how to access it can be confusing as well. Depending on the type of data, it may require additional work to obtain the documents. Since it can be so difficult to locate and get data and different types of records, Datafied is here to assist you.

What can Datafied do?

We are an industry leader in providing record retrieval and data management services. There are multiple types of individuals and industries that we can provide our services to.

Health Insurance: We offer customized services tailored to assist health insurance providers retrieve, manage, access, organize, and review medical records of current and prospective members. All of our technology used to provide our services is HIPAA compliant. We can retrieve data and documents, perform HEDIS abstraction, retrieve HCC records, complete HCC coding, assist with transitions of ICD coding, provide plan quality review and analysis, and perform data validation with patient outreach efforts.

Life Insurance: We can assist life insurance providers quickly and efficiently get Attending Physician Statements (APS). We are able to automate much of the retrieval services to reduce cost and time. We have more than 20 years of experience in APS retrieval and attest to providing the best quality APS service possible. APS summaries can be lengthy, so we can provide summaries as well. We also obtain medical records for claims to ensure that you get the records you need to complete investigations with claims, and chart sorting, indexing, and linking.

Legal: Many times medical documents serve as key evidence in legal cases involving personal injury lawsuits, medical malpractice claims, and worker’s compensation cases. Obtaining medical records can be a tedious task trying to figure out how to retrieve records from hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical institutions. Our legal services include: retrieval of duplication of all types of records, duplication of X-rays and films, subpoena serving, delivery of authorizations, online ordering of records, and record sorting, indexing, linking, and summarization.

Physician: Our team can help physicians with all their medical document needs. Datafied offers comprehensive release of information services, conversion of paper to digital database for medical documents, retiring doctor services, medical record storage options, and proper disposal of sensitive medical records.

Patient: The team can also help patients to get copies of their medical records. We make the ordering process easy and seamless for patients.

Reach out to us!

Datafied is happy to assist you with all your data needs. Give us a call at 800-765-7510 to get started today!

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