Datafied Offers Quality Document Management Services to Physicians


Datafied Offers Quality Document Management Services to Physicians

Datafied Offers Quality Document Management Services to Physicians

Physicians have a lot to worry about. Not only do they work tirelessly to keep their patients safe and healthy, but they also have to deal with administrative red tape and worry about managerial tasks like medical record requests and document management. Thankfully, Datafied can help with the latte, so physicians can worry about what really matters—their patients.

Keep reading to learn more about the document management services that Datafied offers to physicians.

Release of Information

Physicians must meet record requests, but the administrative work associated with it can quickly pile up. With Datafied and our Release of Information services, we can let you focus on your patients while we worry about medical record requests. We adhere to all HIPAA requirements and you can trust us to provide professional and quality services.

Medical Record Management Services

At Datafied, we know how difficult can be to manage all of your patients’ medical records. Thankfully, we offer a variety of medical record management services, including:

  • Scanning: Our scanning services can help you transform your old, paper records into a cutting-edge digital database. Our scanning services can be customized to meet your needs and budget so make the switch today and go paperless.
  • Shredding: Medical records are very important documents that contain sensitive patient information and they cannot simply be thrown away. Using, a specialized division of Datafied will allow your practice to dispose of this sensitive information with the utmost security.
  • Storage: Datafied’s newest divisions,, can store your patients’ original paper medical records or EMR records at our own secure storage facility.

Assistance to Retiring Physicians

Retiring physicians have a lot on their plates. Thankfully, Datafied can help you close up your medical practice when you retire. We offer quality document management services so that you can focus on the other aspects of closing your medical practice, like informing vendors, patients, and employees about your upcoming retirement. From document shredding, scanning, and storage, we do it all.

Let Datafied help with your medical record management today!

At Datafied, there is no job too big or too small for our skilled team of document retrieval and management specialists to handle. When it comes to helping physicians, our team can always be counted on. From serving as a quality Release of Information provider to offering document management services to retiring physicians, Datafied does it all. With 27 years of experience, you can always count on us to get the job done in a timely, quality, and affordable manner. Contact us today at 800-765-7510 to request a quote for document management services. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you succeed!

To learn more about the reliable and quality services that we offer to retiring physicians, visit us on the web at Datafied.

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