Common reasons why you should backup your data


Common reasons why you should backup your data

Common reasons why you should backup your data

Simply put, in the digital age, data is a vital part of any business. Housing and storing data efficiently and securely can be challenging without an IT department especially if you are running a business without IT support. The data that business generate can be as complex as medical images, patient information, customer data, or physical paper records. Having duplicate copies of your most important information could save a business if a disaster results in the complete loss of your data. Recovering large amount of your business’s data can be a very challenging task. You might only be able to recover half the data that was loss or in the most severe case, complete irrecoverable data loss in the event of a fire or theft. In the digital age, backing up data digitally can be done at the click of a mouse and digitizing your data can be completed in a matter of hours. Having duplicate copies of your most important information saved in remote locations keeps it safe in case anything goes wrong.

Here are common reasons why company lose valuable data.

  1. Computer crashes.

The computers made today are much better than previous generations. However, they are still prone to failure. Considering that just a few decades ago a floppy disk holds only 1.4 megabyte of data, today a single hard drive holds up to 1 terabyte of data. That is about 700000 times more data that could be stored on a modern hard drive. When data is loss from a modern computer hard drive, a large amount of data could be loss if not properly backed up.

  1. Computer virus.

So much of data is transmitted over the internet. Opening e-mail attachments that have viruses can compromise your data. Aggressive and malicious viruses can corrupt files or even disable computers. Some viruses will hold your data hostage until your company pays the ransom before your data is release back.

  1. Physical computer damage.

Many users regularly back up their files to their computer hard drive. In the event of a complete computer breakdown whether mechanically, fire, flood, or accident the data stored on these devices may not be recoverable. Saving data to a separate location makes far more sense. Your data can be backed up on external hard drive or to secure cloud services.

  1. Computer theft or sabotage.

Modern computer devices have become portable that it can be used anywhere. This makes computer devices easy targets for thief when traveling. If the data on your mobile device or laptops are not encrypted, the data can be easily access. In instances of sabotage, an angry employee could access and delete or alter the data. Keeping data backed up in multiple locations can minimize these types of risk.

The bottom line is that the data on your computers are valuable, it is wise to take the proper steps to back up your data in a secure location. Work can be redone but trying to recover precious data can cost your business money. Call our data expert specialist at 800-765-7510 to speak to us how Datafied can back up your digital data and documents.

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