Always keep your medical records on hand!


Always keep your medical records on hand!

Always keep your medical records on hand!

Be an agent to the care and quality of your own health care. To help you achieve this goal, you should always have a copy of your medical record ready. Most people do not even know what is in their medical record. Be a participant in your health. It’s important to know what is in them, understand what is in them, and share with your family and health care team. It can be unexpected when you will need your records. Don’t be caught unprepared without your records. Here are ten reasons why you should always have some copies of your medical records.

10 Reasons to keep copies of your medical records

  1. Change of residence, health insurance, or physician.
  2. Have multiple providers and want to coordinate your care between them.
  3. Your doctor could retire and leave you not knowing where to get copies of your old records.
  4. Want to analyze your medical records to assist family and relatives with their own health issues.
  5. Need of medical care when traveling, whether it’s regionally, nationally, or abroad.
  6. Review of medical records for suspicious activities to help prevent medical identity theft.
  7. Your doctor without notice could possibly destroy your old medical records and leave you without copies.
  8. Systems maintaining medical data, documents, and records could potentially crash and wipe out everything.
  9. Natural disasters could occur and also damage records.
  10. Review your medical records for possible errors or omissions in your care.

Ways to get your medical records

There are multiple ways to get your medical records. You can get them by requesting it from your doctor. However, this process will be confusing and time-consuming. There will usually be a lot of documents to complete and process before your medical records can be released. Many times, the places where your medical records are do not reside at the same facility as where your provider practices. Additionally, the medical records will be mailed to you, rather than handed to you by the medical facility. Sending it through the mail may take more time and potentially get lost.

There is a much easier way to get copies of your medical records. Datafied can help you with this. The team at Datafied is trained to quickly and efficiently get you your medical records. Contact us at 800-765-7510 to find out how we can seamlessly streamline obtaining your records. Let us worry about getting you your medical records.

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