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HEDIS Record Retrieval

HEDIS Record Retrieval

HEDIS Record Retrieval

Datafied offers a complete HEDIS solution helping health plans audit the quality of care and service more efficiently. Datafied’s system allows for multiple cases to be pursued simultaneously ensuring that all available records are retrieved within the audit timeframe. This helps you save time and money by preventing you from having to collect multiple sets of records for the same patient.

As charts are retrieved they can be sent directly to you or HEDIS Navigator, Datafied’s HEDIS project management tool. Navigator allows charts to follow a workflow in line with the process designed by NCQA. Charts can be assigned to nurses, abstracted, over read and closed; all without ever having to print a single page.

Datafied has maintained a high level of success in handling HEDIS audits as evidenced by our 97% successful retrieval rate in the past 5 years. We believe it is our duty to work diligently and efficiently to retrieve every record that a provider needs, abstract them properly, and return them securely in whatever manner the provider desires. Before HEDIS season begins we work with you to set goals and benchmarks for our audit retrieval and you are regularly updated throughout the project. This transparency and consistent communication ensures that you are satisfied with our work throughout the process and that all of your HEDIS needs will be met. Datafied is here to help sort the mess that is HEDIS record retrieval so let us handle aspects of or all of your HEDIS project today.

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